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David Martin

American Turning Point

If you want to subvert a government,

And from experience you are quite skilled,

You know you must weaken the leadership,

And a Forrestal has to be killed.

James V., R.I.P.

What could we have been thinking?

What did we have in mind

When we sanctioned the aggression

We see in Palestine?

A strong man stood against it,

Although in stature small,

He casts a lengthy shadow.

His name was Forrestal.

He could have been a beacon.

He had a lot to give,

But those who favor darkness

Declined to let him live.

Soviet Style Shrinkery

"So you oppose the regime?

There's something the matter with you.

You must be out of your mind.

It's so abnormal to do.

"We'll pack you off to a ward

And give you a room with a view."

That was the Forrestal treatment,

And Hemingway got it, too.

Silence Deciphered

James Forrestal was murdered,

And that's the truth to tell.

So why will no one touch it?

I've made the case too well.

Secret Forrestal Investigation

Did James V. Forrestal murder himself,

Or was he assassinated?

To examine the Navy’s official report

For 54 years we had waited.

Is there official skulduggery here?

I’ll let you readers decide,

But usually when someone keeps something hidden,

It’s because he has something to hide.

The Controversy of Zion

My Forrestal revelations

Very few of our scholars did heed.

It’s only to be expected:

Look what happened to Douglas Reed.

Academic Ostriches

Bring up the death of James Forrestal;

Historians run and hide.

They’d like to believe that Count Bernadotte

Was a victim of suicide.

Drop the Subject

Was James Forrestal thrown from that window?

Was he murdered for reasons of state?

Well, didn’t Frank Olson of the CIA

Encounter a similar fate?

Historic Assassination

While searching the national attic

I found something that’s quite chilling.

It seems that James V. Forrestal

Was a victim of targeted killing.

Irgun Murder Plots

Re: Forrestal and Bevin,

I can tell you this:

For Menachem Begin

It was hit and miss.

Forrestal to Lovett

He said, “They’re really after me,”

But we should not infer

That Forrestal was crazy,

Because, in fact, they were.

Like Bevin and Count Bernadotte,

He stood athwart their path,

And he thereby incited

Their homicidal wrath.

So, from on high they dropped him.

Down thirteen floors he fell,

And our Mid East policy

Descended into hell.

Moment of Revelation

It’s something I hate to admit,

But I am still waiting for it:

Someone takes a long look

At my Forrestal book

And can’t help but exclaim, “Holy ****!”

The Case for Free Inquiry

You say they gassed six million Jews.

I ask you how you know.

You say it's from historians;

They agree that it is so.


But what about the Forrestal death?

They agree on that one, too.

And until I checked it for myself,

I only thought I knew.

Forrestal's Resting Place in History

He was brought before his time

To Arlington to reside.

Now at last the truth is known:

It wasn’t from suicide.

Homage to Forrestal

James Forrestal was a man

Who served this country well.

He wisely sounded warnings

When he saw us bound for hell.

He tried to bring an early end

To the Pacific War.

So the Soviets could not get land

That they’d done nothing for.

But in the end they threw him

In the loony bin.

He had crossed a fatal line

When he took on Palestine.

What happened next you might recall.

He had a 13-story fall

Caused by his mortal sin.